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DescriptionBRAND PROFILE The thrill of unique dresses made by hand to fit the personality and temperament of each individual woman. The dazzling and proud Sicily, saturated with stories and dominations, of cultures and traditions, is the backdrop to a relentless pursuit of antique , precious, and unusual fabrics from which unique high value tailored dresses are born, hand-stitched by master craftsmen that still use the ancient manufacturing techniques. Luminous atmospheres that have always represented the island, the hues of its sunrises over the ocean, the sound of water along the many streams, the texture of old canvases woven by a loom, the scent of the wine cellars and of the mills, the energy of the many volcanoes, the nuances of the mountains, light and dark shades of the woods, merging with a long Steiner path that moves widening in color intended as a manifestation of the soul and the emotions related to it, leads to the creation of dresses that are the result, on one hand, of sounds coming from the intense lure of the island and on the other, of a continuous research in the field of Anthroposophy about being a women and manifests itself in all its entirety and depth, through the expression of color and what it represents, the fusion of emotions, perceptions, feelings translated precisely in ... .color The brand is very young, dating back to 2013, but it is the fruit of a long meditation lasting dozens of years during which the desire to realize the dream was always there but not the actual possibility to make real. Then, a breakthrough. An event, apparently unpleasant, had overturned many certainties and resulted in a wave of bold changes. The first team consisted of only three people, myself and two great seamstresses modelliste (plus an unspecified but incredible number of fabrics collected, found, cuddled, stored for many years). To them five more where added , and then an art director, a secretary-artist-painter, a creator of dolls with the same clothes of my models, A marketing expert, a graphic web design, an label embroiderer, three fashion photographers, models, journalists, bloggers, friends, the curious and an indefinite number of people who support us and help us in the difficulties of everyday, ordinary and extraordinary. The headquarters, to celebrate the best way our past and history, always evident and preponderant in each garment created by trimmings, buttons and the interweaving of different textures, has recently become an ancient noble house ,in our city of Milazzo, in which the exciting connections with a past have been kept intact and still live in our products. Enchantments inspirations, charm, each of which is transformed into each unique project, only to be interpreted by who wears it. Each outfit is realized, in fact, on the footprint of the personality and temperament of the woman who requires one, to become an expression and awareness of her inner self. All clothing products are unique in style and fabric, they are born using antique materials from different places of Sicily and Italy, reworked in a contemporary way, without losing the essence of their past. The end result is a product of high quality that stands out for the way it portrays elegance and femininity beyond trends and fads of the moment. The decision to produce single pieces is related to this difficult journey that we hope doesn’t end......
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    The thrill of a unique dress hand made for the personality and temperament of each individual woman

    Sicily, luminous, proud, saturated with a history of dominations, culture and traditions, are the backdrop of a relentless pursuit of antique, precious, and unusual fabrics, from which unique finely tailored garments are born, sewed by hand by master craftsman that use antique manufacturing techniques.
    The dresses are also the result of continuous research in the anthroposophist field about being a woman and her manifestations, the expression of color, what it represents, the fusion of emotions, perceptions, and feelings all translated exactly by color.
    Enchantment, inspiration, and charm, each of which is transformed into a unique project interpreted only by who is wearing it.
    Cettina Bucca despite being a very young brand, has had numerous awards from "WHO'S NEXT"-PARIS, the "PURE LONDON", “Mi Presento Milano”, " Mi Presento Paris "and started her internationalization, commercializing her products in high fashion boutiques in France and England.


    All garments produced are unique for model and material using antique fabrics, that come from different places in Sicily and Italy, that are reworked in a contemporary way, without losing the essence of their past. The end result is a product of high quality that stands out for the way it portrays elegance and femininity beyond trends and fashions.

    Each of them are dedicated to the personality and temperament of the woman who requests one, becoming the look and knowledge of her deepest self.
    In this process the study of color is essential and it is done through anthroposophy techniques.

    Relaunch and valorization of products made in Sicily.


    Buyers for high-level stores, boutiques for unique pieces, shops in tourist areas

    Distributors to penetrate the international market.

    Collaboration with companies producing high level clothing interested in marketing and distribution of high quality products made from resources of our territory.

    Investors interested in funding market penetration for the next three years, helping the brand with trade fairs and fashion shows, in the search for a testimonial for advertising and in international magazines in the fashion industry.

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