Takashi Yanagisawa

Chief Representative
The City of Yokohama Frankfurt Representative Office

Bilateral Meetings

  • 02:00 pm - 06:30 pm
DescriptionThe City of Yokohama Frankfurt Representative Office was established in 1997 to promote business relations between Yokohama and Europe. Our mission is to encourage economic cooperation, be it on the administrative level or between companies, and to attract European investment and business interests to Yokohama. In addition, we support Yokohama businesses to become more active in the European market and conduct information exchange between Yokohama and Europe.
Organization Type BSOs and Institutions
Areas of Activities


    Creative industry


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          Business Offer

          Support for companies that would like to do business in Yokohama

          We would like to provide detailed information on Yokohama and the Japanese market in general to interested European companies and administrations: market research, feasibility studies, Yokohama land and rent prices, office and production site locations, etc. We also can coordinate business missions to Yokohama, tailored to specific interests and including tours of business facilities, project sites and government offices. In addition, we are happy to assist European companies who plan to invest in Yokohama in obtaining financial support from the Yokohama City Government.

          Keywords: business relationstourismmarket research